Barnwood box with etched butterfly

We bought this lovely wooden box from ParadiseHillDesigns back in late October. Barnwood box with etched butterflyIt is made from reclaimed barnwood, and is embellished with a delicate butterfly made with woodburning and acrylics painting.

The wood used to make it is smooth and has a really nice texture and is full of character. It is to be noted that each box is an OOAK item, with a design that is slightly different and with a different, but similar, weathered wood each time.

Barnwood box with etched butterfly, detailParadiseHillDesigns makes this beautiful box, as well as several other items, from reclaimed wood boards from buildings, barns, fences and so on. The wood is then sanded and carefully crafted into these fantastic items.

Check out their shop on Etsy, and come back soon for another featured item!

As usual, if you have suggestions, or if you like the item, please leave a comment, it’s easy, and there is no need to register! Better yet, if you decide to buy the item, leave a message to the seller telling him or her that you saw it here 🙂

About Silvia Bolchi

Silvia is a wonderful, smart and beautiful girl, mom of a 3 and a half years old daughter. She is interested in butterflies, books, and crafts.
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19 Responses to Barnwood box with etched butterfly

  1. aquariann says:

    Pretty box! Lucky her for being on vacation, but it’s too bad I can’t see the rest of her beautiful creations.

    Btw, I’m here from the Etsy forums, thanks to your friend’s shameless promotion. How sweet!! ^.^

  2. Corinna says:

    Wow, that’s gorgeous! Wish I was talented in woodworking, it looks like a fascinating process. Great find!

  3. Diana says:

    Very nice work. I love the box!

  4. Great box! I wanted to check out more but now they’re on vacation 🙁

  5. angela says:

    Such a beautiful box!

  6. sammi10 says:

    very pretty little box…nice find

  7. marcene says:

    what a great job promoting Silvia. I love the butterfly on the box

  8. Poisongarden says:

    That is such a cute box! So pretty

  9. You have a really pretty blog!
    Hope you’ll join us for more Activities in the Promotional Frenzy thread 😀

  10. What a unique work of art. Thank s for sharing it.

  11. Marissa says:

    That’s a beautiful box! Love your shop as well!

  12. Lovely ring! Beautiful Shop! Thanks to your shameless promoting… I stopped by 🙂

  13. Gabrielle says:

    I’m new to your blog…love your shop!! Pretty things!

  14. Studio MME says:

    I love that they used reclaimed barn wood. It has so much character.

  15. Erica Voges says:

    Wow! this is the first time I have seen your blog or your store and I really love both!
    the box is beautiful.

  16. this is so beautiful!! stopping by from the etsy forum!

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