Tiny World of a Dragonfly

Tiny World of a Dragonfly RingTiny World of a Dragonfly Ring

$85  (plus shipping)

A tiny dragonfly whose wings measure 12mm. Sleeps on a blade of grass, near a tiny real stone in a meadow.

Each particular is completely hand-made. Unique OOAK ring.

Tiny World of a Dragonfly RingThe glass bauble is hand-blown with Pyrex glass. It is very sturdy, not fragile and not easily breakable. If dropped the glass bauble bounces rather than breaking. However, it is still glass and care should be taken while wearing this ring.

This tiny and magic world is nestled in a silver plated bezel cup adjustable ring.
Antique brass finished ring and sterling silver ring are also available (price may vary). Please contact me for prices.

I have some different dragonflies colours.
Shown: red, orange, lilac, blue and brown.
Pink, yellow, grey, light blue and green are available, too.
Please choose the colour that you prefer and contact me for customisation!

Tiny World of a Dragonfly Ring Tiny World of a Dragonfly Ring

I’m expecting really a lot of orders for this magnificent ring ! 😉

And soon a Butterfly version will be available, check back frequently! 🙂

About Silvia Bolchi

Silvia is a wonderful, smart and beautiful girl, mom of a 3 and a half years old daughter. She is interested in butterflies, books, and crafts.
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5 Responses to Tiny World of a Dragonfly

  1. Audrey says:

    That is sooooo cool!! Those are really amazing.

  2. Your rings are so beautiful!!!

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  4. Jany Claire says:

    Wow! These rings are so unique. I can’t believe that you make the glass bauble. Very impressive. Love ’em. BTW, thanks for following my blog. I’ve been stuck on 70 for so long that I just noticed your add! 🙂

  5. Melody says:

    Wow! Those are crazy amazing. I love them to death!

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